Dr. Dominique Taylor


Aesthetics, Chiropractic, Family Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Weight Loss

Dr. Dominique Taylor is a second-generation Family and Aesthetic Medicine provider and a first-generation Chiropractic Physician, bringing a unique blend of experience and expertise to her practice. Since embarking on her career in 2009, Dr. Taylor has remained steadfast in her commitment to developing and delivering exceptional healthcare services to her patients.

Her educational journey has been nothing short of remarkable, with graduation from two prestigious post bachelor institutions, each representing vastly different disciplines. Beginning with her academic pursuits at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA, where she refined her skills and cultivated a deep-rooted passion for natural healthcare modalities. Following, Dr. Taylor continued her educational journey at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, one of the nation’s top-ranked graduate programs for Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP). Emory’s esteemed program ranks among illustrious institutions such as Duke and Johns Hopkins, providing Dr. Taylor with unparalleled training and equipping her with the knowledge and skills essential for delivering top-tier healthcare to her patients.

With her diverse educational background and unwavering dedication to her profession, Dr. Taylor stands poised to continue making a profound impact in the healthcare landscape, ensuring that her patients receive the highest standard of care, integrating both holistic and conventional medicine approaches seamlessly.

Her career journey is a testament to her passion and drive. Dr. Taylor’s professional path has led her to various locales, from bustling cities like Washington D.C. and Austin to the vibrant community of San Antonio, TX, where she opened her first practice she also she served as a team chiropractor for the San Antonio Silver Stars and Rampage Hockey team. In 2015, drawn to New Mexico to be closer to family, she established her practice in Ruidoso. There, she expanded her services in 2017 to include aesthetics and regenerative medicine, setting the stage for the recent opening of her first Family Medicine offices in Ruidoso and now Artesia in 2024.

In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Taylor is deeply committed to advocating for improved healthcare access. She actively serves on several state and local boards, including the New Mexico Board of Chiropractic, where she champions initiatives to enhance patient care standards. Her roles as the NMCA Secretary and ACA Alternate Delegate of NM further demonstrate her dedication to advancing healthcare policies and advocating for the needs of both patients and healthcare providers alike.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Taylor finds joy in her role as a wife and devoted mother to two young boys. Together with her husband, Clinton Taylor, who serves as the Director of Finance for the Artesia Schools, they embrace life’s adventures with enthusiasm, whether exploring the great outdoors or engaging in new experiences.

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My practice emerged from a deep-rooted belief in a holistic and patient-centered approach to health. This passion for comprehensive care and compassion has guided me to create a space where every individual’s wellness journey is respected and nurtured.

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Your health and well-being are my priority, and I believe in providing personalized care that meets your unique needs.

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